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  jill blue

I LOVE stories...

They have always grabbed me, wrapped me up in their dreaminess, intensity and joy, sweeping me away to far off places, times and cultures.

While I love the stories in books, movies, plays and songs, the stories in people are my favorite. Getting to sit and talk to someone, learning their passions and dreams, is a true joy for me.

I believe every person is a treasure trove of emotion and unique perspective. Learning what makes them feel loved and how they show that love is the true beauty in humanity. In turn, sharing who I am, I become a part of their story in the process.

I am the quintessential extrovert, an ENFP for you MBTI fans, or in other words, an outward, verbal processor, who thinks with feelings and perception. I have a master's degree in Counseling and spend much of my time working with people, learning their stories and helping them to write the rest of their pages with strength and purpose.

As a photographer, I have learned that the most magical of all photos have been created when a relationship with my clients has been formed. Getting to know you, learning about your love, family, and life is an absolute joy and I would be honored to be a part of your story.

I cannot wait to talk to you!



>> a few of my faves

"To witness the birth of
a child is our best opportunity to experience the meaning of the word miracle." 
-Paul Carvel

the world




wednesday & friday



Birth photography is an amazing gift. Having images of those first moments of your child's life will be something you will cherish for years to come. Selecting a professional birth photographer gives you peace of mind, knowing that you will receive beautiful images that capture the emotions of the day. I am on call starting at 37 weeks, with support throughout the labor and birth, and will provide you with images within 48 hours of birth to share with your family and friends. Contact me to create a specialized pricing package that is perfect for you. 

 FRESH 48 
Birth photography not quite right for you? Add a Fresh 48 collection! A Fresh 48 is a photography session completed within the first 2 days of your baby's life, typically done in the hospital, birth center or your home. This is a beautiful time to capture your little one as well as you and your significant other. Fresh 48 collection's are $300 and are delivered to you in a personalized gallery that is available to you for 10 years. 

Maternity photographs are a precious time to capture the beauty that is an expectant mother. These pictures will provide you with a gorgeous reminder of the time you spent with your little one, as well as beautiful moments with your significant other. Maternity photographs are $250 and are delivered to you in a personalized gallery that is available to you for 10 years. 

 3, 6, 9, 12 
This collection is an amazing way to watch your precious baby grow! Four sessions capture your child at months 3, 6, 9 and 12, to track their growth, changing personality and memories you will cherish forever! This collection is $900 and can be paid in installments. The photographs are delivered to you in a personalized gallery that is available to you for 10 years. Family Family sessions are $250 and are wonderful ways to capture your growing family and the love that you share! Your photos are delivered to you in a personalized gallery that is available to you for 10 years. 

All other sessions begin at $250.

Weddings are $2,200 for an entire day of photography coverage. You will receive a minimum of 300 edited images through an online gallery, which is available to you for 10 years. I only take on a few weddings a year and first come first serve.   


Q. When should I hire a birth photographer? 
A. You can hire me at anytime, however I only accept 1-3 births per month, so it is better to contact me sooner than later! 

 Q. Will we meet before the birth? 
A. Yes, we will meet to get to know one another before your very special day! I will learn about your birth plans and wishes so that I can be prepared to capture your unique personality and any special things you have planned. 

 Q. When will you arrive to start photographing the birth? 
A. I typically arrive when active labor begins, which is about 5-6cm, or when contractions are lasting about 1 minute and have been about 5-7 minutes apart for an hour. 
 Q. When will you leave the birth? What if my birth is really long? 
A. I may take breaks, when appropriate, or give you needed space, but I am there to document your amazing day, so I am there for the whole experience! 

 Q. What if I have to have a cesarean or if I plan for a cesarean? 
 A. Cesareans can be complicated for birth photography, but not impossible! I have photographed in OR's before, and it has been a very memorable experience for mom and dad. This is something we will discuss in detail at your meeting. 

 Q. How much "birth" do you photograph? A. As little or as much as you want! This is something we will discuss at your meeting prior to your birth. 

 Q. Will you share my images online? 
A. I only share images with the permission of my clients, out of respect to their privacy. 

Q. Why do I need a "birth photographer"? Why can't dad be the photographer? 
 A. This is an incredibly special time in your life. No matter which baby this is, this experience is magical and it should be experienced by you and your partner. You need to know that your partner can be there for you, and your partner needs to be able to relax into the process with you. Letting me be there to take care of the memories for you will provide you with a special time of bonding as you welcome your newest family member!











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