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City of Refuge Atlanta, Ga gathering at Aquarium

City of Refuge – The Gathering. 20 Years; 20,000 lives

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City of Refuge (COR) is a non-profit organization focusing on social transformation and the rejuvenation of the city of Atlanta, Georgia. City of Refuge has been working for 20 years with individuals and families in crisis. COR works to help individuals find a way out of poverty and into a life of thriving through education, counseling, healthcare, and support. COR has helped over 20,000 people find purpose and a path out of drugs, sexual abuse, and trafficking and has birthed a place of hope, a true refuge, for thousands in “neighborhoods where nearly 40% of the residents live below the Federal Poverty Level”. 

Currently, City of Refuge is located on a sprawling 200,000+ sq. ft. campus that features the following 5 areas of focus:

This year City of Refuge held a fundraising gala, The Gathering, at the Georgia Aquarium to celebrate the amazing efforts of COR and their partners. Dan Cathy, CEO of Chick-fil-a, is currently on the board of COR and gave an inspirational speech. Cathy encouraged donors to continue not only giving monetarily but to invest their time and prayer into the life-changing work of COR. Mr. Cathy was joined by author and leadership guru Simon Sinek.

Sinek offered up a speech that challenged us to never stop fighting for our ‘why’. He encouraged listeners to always work to save lives, no matter the cost. He pointed out that even if the challenge seems too big and too long, it will be worth it.

The Gathering was a beautiful testament to what God has done in and through COR. It highlighted individuals that have made enormous strides in bettering their lives through the support and education they received through COR.

Photographing the event was a true joy. I definitely cried behind the lens more than once. Hearing the miraculous stories of men, women, and children that COR has helped was inspiring.


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