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The Story of Us Chapter 2

The Story of Us

Sweet Summertime

The Summer 0f 2008 was shaping up to be a great one. Desmond was in Missouri and Jill visited Canada for a week for a family reunion and there celebrated her 23rd birthday.

More Breakups

By August Desmond had celebrated his 20th birthday because he was three years younger. Jill also ended her relationship with her boyfriend in August. This was a tough break-up as Jill and her ex shared many of the same friends and had been dating on and off for 2 years.

One night in late August Desmond decided to message Jill online. He wanted to make sure she was doing ok after her breakup. Do you see the pattern here? 

The two chatted briefly about their Summer’s and Desmond asked if Jill was doing ok. She admitted that she was sad but that she was ready to get back out there and told Desmond that she needed him to set her up with one of his friends for a fun, easy date.

Desmond told her he had someone in mind and in true Jill fashion, she asked how old he was. Desmond said he was 20…to which Jill replied, “No, I don’t date younger guys.”

What Jill did not realize was that Desmond had himself in mind! He figured she was definitely placing him in the ‘friend zone’ since he was younger than her.

The conversation ended with the two deciding that they should definitely hang out sometime soon.

Hanging Out

A few days later Desmond texted Jill saying that they should hang out that night. Jill decided, why not? So, later that evening the two met up on campus. They eventually found themselves at the outdoor basketball courts where people were playing a game. They sat watching, talking with ease. After the game ended, Desmond picked up the ball and began to shoot around. Jill, having never played sports was interested and asked Desmond to show her how to shoot. Desmond stood behind her and placed her arms in position. Little did Jill know he was enjoying getting to hold her hands…

Just Friends

The week following their first hang out, Jill went to Virginia for the week with friends. During the week she and Desmond texted back and forth, often. At one point Jill received a text stating how she was a queen and deserved to be treated as such. This text and others felt like a breath of fresh air for Jill, but Desmond was just her friend and she had no feelings for him whatsoever.

Towards the end of the week, Desmond texted Jill to see when she would be back in town. Upon hearing that she was about an hour away, Desmond responded: “I am so excited I almost jumped out of my seat in class”. This felt really nice for Jill, but odd because they were just friends…

That night after settling in from her trip, Desmond texted saying they should hang out. Jill let him know Jessie, one of their mutual friends was in town and that she had planned to go see her. Desmond said he would love to see her too, and that he could come pick Jill up and they could ride together to hang out with Jessie. Jill agreed and a short while later Desmond showed up. The two rode together to see their friends, listening to music and talking comfortably. Upon their arrival, their friends were shocked to see them together. One of their friends, Sussy- who’s birthday party they had celebrated together the night they met- texted Jill, while they all sat together, saying: “Why are you here with Desmond Blue?” Jill responded: “We’re just hanging out. We’re just friends.”

Tune in next Friday for Chapter 3 of The Story of Us!

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