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80 Years Young

“Do not regret growing older, it is a privilege denied to many.” -Author Unknown

Yesterday my precious grandfather, my PeePaw, turned 80 years old. Last Saturday we had a celebration of his life, which included many of his friends and family! It was a wonderful time and I am so very thankful to have had him in my life for so many years!

A prayer of blessing…

PeePaw- James A. Gaddis or “Archie” to most, was born in 1937 in Calhoun, GA to a mother and father and two older sisters. He grew up in Calhoun, however the family moved to Detroit, MI for a short time during WWII to support the military and his brother-in-laws who were both enlisted during that time. I’ll never forget a story he told me about how one night a man, a drifter came to their door, asking for work so that he could have a meal. PeePaw’s mother invited him in for dinner on the spot. He says that the man sat and ate dinner with the family, and during that time he provided them all with great encouragement, as the family was fearful about the war and his sister’s husbands that were fighting. He was so encouraging that the family felt renewed and their spirits were lifted immediately. After dinner the family said goodbye and walked him to the door. A moment later, the family asked their father to invite the man to spend the night. PeePaw’s father opened the door to call to the man to invite him to spend the night, however he was nowhere to be found. There were no neighbors nearby or cars driving along the road, and the family believed that they had surely hosted an angel for dinner. They said that that night gave them hope and peace during the many months ahead, until my 2 great uncles returned from the war.


What an amazing history and heritage!

Grandson Ben, and great-granddaughter Scout

Grandsons Josiah & Desmond and Granddaughter Grace

Great-grandchildren Reesor & Rya

Dear friends and family

PeePaw & his beloved wife of 56 years, Evelyn (Mammy)


My mother and aunt- the original four!

PeePaw has been a constant source of encouragement, supporting our family financially, spiritually and always having a bright idea or solution to a problem. He is an electrical engineer, who retired from GA Power.

If it were not for him and his love and assistance, I know I would not be who I am today, and I am sure there are many in my family that could say the same.

Thank you PeePaw for your guidance and love. You mean the world to me and to so many!

I love you!!



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