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Saved By the Bell 90s inspired photoshoot with rainbow haired model portraying Lisa Turtle in Alpharetta GA by Jill Blue Photography and Glitter and Geeks Salon

90’s Saved by The Bell Photoshoot in Alpharetta

90’s Saved by The Bell Photoshoot in Alpharetta

The Throwback

Raise your hand if you grew up watching Saved by the Bell! I’m virtually raising my hand! The iconic group was one of my favorite’s to follow. Lots of afternoons spent watching all the happenings of Bayside High. This photoshoot brought back all the memories!

My friend Christiana of Glitter & Geeks Salon in Kennesaw, GA brought this vision to life with the help of Urban Outfitters and her wonderful model Kelsey! Christiana knew she wanted a throwback to the glorious ’90s; scrunchies, neon, spandex, acid wash and all!

The Process

Christiana and Kelsey met early in the day to begin the hair for the shoot. Christiana is my personal stylist and I have to say she is incredibly talented! She knows vivid hair color like nobody! After the hair was complete the girls met me at the studio in Alpharetta for the photos!

Once in the studio, Christiana went to work on Kelsey’s makeup. Did I mention she is also a superb makeup artist?? She whipped up these adorable makeup looks in just minutes! I love getting to watch her work, she is so focused, and yet so fun!

Kelsey, who works for Urban Outfitters, was able to get some amazing outfits for this shoot. Aren’t these looks totally tubular?

Each look was created to personify a character of the show. Kelsey did an amazing job of sporting the style and personality of the characters.

Screech &

Zack &

Kelly &

Lisa &

Jessie &


Kelsey had never really seen the show before. So, she took a look at some photos of Screech. She took our advice on his body movements and came up with these great looks!

I love the way she figured out Zack’s GQ look so quickly!

Kelly was a great look for Kelsey, who already had this funky fun bodysuit in her closet!

Next up, Lisa Turtle. Christiana wanted a nod to the Summer the crew spent at the Malibu Sands Beach Club. This vintage bathing suit Kelsey brought from home perfected the look!

Jessie Spano, everyone’s favorite curly girl was often seen in Denim. Kelsey rocked this pink acid wash denim jacket to perfection!

Finally, A.C. Slater, the tough guy, the jock and Jessie’s on-and-off hunk.

So Much Fun

We had an absolute blast during this entire shoot. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as we did! Be sure to check out Christiana’s work here!


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