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Dahlonega Camp of Colors Fundraiser

The Camp of Colors

I had the privilege of volunteering my services at the Camp of Colors Fundraiser in beautiful North Georgia this past week. I have been attending weekend events here since I was 17, through the Christian ministry Vida Nueva, which means “New Life” in Spanish.

My family started attending Tres Dias weekends, which are the adult version of Vida Nueva, here 27 years ago. Tres Dias is a weekend “is an opportunity for Christian candidates to encounter Jesus Christ, experience other Christians serving them in love, and receive new inspiration for living our life in Christ”.

Needless to say, this campground holds a special place in my heart. The camp was previously an elementary school that was abandoned and filled with junk for years. Through much time and effort, it has been transformed into a wonderful facility that hosts hundreds of people a year. While much has improved, there are areas of need, including additional restroom facilities, new heating, and air units and a new roof.

Family in Service

My mother and I arrived early at the camp to start decorating the tables for dinner. She and I have been serving on these weekends for 16 years. We love getting to honor the Lord together, with our talents and time. We had an amazing array of individuals there to assist us in decorating and setting up the tables. The Camp of Colors hosts 9 different ministries throughout the year. This event allowed us all to meet and come together to serve. We believe that we are all family through Jesus and it was such a sweet time to meet the other members of these ministries! After decorating, my mother and husband along with many others stayed to serve those attending the fundraiser. An amazing chef, a member of Tres Dias, offered his time to prepare the food, and it was DELICIOUS!

The future is bright!

Individuals who have attended these weekends and those interested purchased tickets to the fundraising dinner. There they learned about the ongoing projects and needs the camp of colors has and were given the opportunity to give. I am so excited to see what their generous gifts are going to do for this wonderful place! If you would like more information about these amazing weekends feel free to email me at jill@jillbluephotography.com!


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