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Burlap Mr. and Mrs. sign with wedding bands

Wedding Planning Tips & Tricks!

Wedding Planning Tips & Tricks

Planning with a purpose

Engagement ring lays in the center of a fuchsia pink rose


It was so difficult to get ideas while planning my wedding in 2009-2010 {prior to the birth of Pinterest}

I would look through Bridal magazines, read my wedding planner & scour google. I would search for ideas, unique DIY tips & tricks, but I was left with very few options! Thank goodness for Etsy, because that was the one place I could actually find things I had envisioned!

White rose wedding bouquet with attached small picture frame charm

My wedding bouquet featuring a sweet photo frame I found on Etsy with a picture of my late Father.

You, my dear reader, are blessed with soo many options, be it Pinterest, Google, Etsy, or Instagram, your phone is a virtual wedding planner!

However, with all that information comes a bit of overwhelm, am I right?

It can be a bit difficult to narrow down exactly what YOU want when your feeds are flooded with what OTHER people want{ed} for their day{s}.

Bride and bridal party posing with pink rose bouquets on a wedding day

Here are a few tips & tricks to streamline the wedding planning process & reel in the overwhelm!

  1. Set a time with your fiancé/fiancée where you can plan the basics. Put your phone down, computer away & get out the old school pen & paper.

  2. Write a list of the most important things you can envision for your wedding, things like family & friends that you want there, important ceremony details- sand ceremony, ring warming, family prayer, communion, foot washing? What type of vows do you want- write them yourselves or go traditional?

  3. Moving on, determine what you want your guests to feel when they attend your wedding, happy? Nostalgic? Fun? 

  4. Next, nail down a color scheme that you feel would fit the day best, what makes you smile when you think about it?

  5. Now, think back on some of the “best” weddings you have ever attended or, your favorites. What made them the best or your favorites? Was it the food? Lighting? The sentimentality of the ceremony? Did you dance all night to an amazing DJ? Grab those favorites & jot them down.

  6. With all of these ideas & important notes, finally, open your phone or computer & start searching for weddings that feature your most important needs.

Bride holding out a bouquet of pink roses and peonies

Remember the wedding day is simply a celebration of your love & your marriage, the much bigger & more important step in the whole process. I encourage you to seek out a marriage or pre-marital counselor to work through some of the kinks that are invariably going to rear their heads after you say “I do”.

Have fun planning & building your life together!




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