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Family photo shoot with two kids posing wearing blue gray and white family outfits in Canton, Georgia GA smiling and hugging magnolia wreath gray doors farmhouse

What to wear to a family photo shoot!

What to wear to a family photo shoot

I often have clients that ask, “What do we wear to a family photo shoot?” This is a great question as it also gives me insight into your family dynamic and personalities!

Dressing your family to fit your personalities

I like to encourage clients to dress their families to match their personalities. You can easily choose a color or color scheme and then choose outfits that match the attitude and preferences of each individual.

Choosing a color or color scheme

If you are like me, you have a specific color palette in your home. You can choose outfits to reflect that color or to complement it. If you have a lot of gray and neutral throughout, Hello Coventry Gray, adding a pop of color to your outfits can be perfect! Is your house full of color? Then simplify your outfit colors to a neutral palette. You can mix patterns, especially when using a neutral color palette as this family did:

What not to wear to a family photo shoot

Because photo shoots can already be intimidating it is crucial that you feel comfortable in your clothing. This comfort will show in the photographs and you will love how you look! Avoid clothing that is too tight or too short; you should avoid anything that does not make you feel amazing!



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