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Who I Am Project: Slime Master Kallie

Who I Am Project: Slime Master Kallie

Slime and Squishies in Alpharetta with Kallie.

Who I am Project takes off with a leap!

Kallie was my first Who I Am Project client and she was SO MUCH FUN!

A big part of the Who I Am Project is gaining information about the client before the session. This helps me really capture their personality and all of the unique aspects of who they are. Kallie filled out a questionnaire and told me that some of her favorite things were SLIME & SQUISHIES.

Slime is this generation’s Nickelodeon “Gak“, do you 90’s kids remember that?? Kallie is in love with slime and especially likes to make it herself at home, with tons of different colors, consistencies, glitter, beads and more, her options are endless!

We had so much fun playing with all of Kallie’s homemade slime. It seems that it is a great at-home craft. Kallie had every color and consistency imaginable! She said that making it is just as fun as playing with it!

So, Squishies are like giant stress-relief balls, but in any and every shape and subject. From what Kallie told me, they are often food shaped and even scented! They really were great little stress relievers.  As you squish them they slowly grow back to their normal shape and size.


Jesus and Bicycles

Kallie is passionate about her relationship with Jesus Christ. She said in her questionnaire that she is led by the Holy Spirit. So, it was no surprise that she wanted to wear her Holy Spirit Led shirt, along with her pink bicycle!

Because Kallie is such a fan of riding her bike, I knew it would be the perfect addition to her photos! And, with that pink backdrop, she just pops!


And, all of this amazing shoot was done at the amazing Photoplex Studio’s in Alpharetta, Georgia!


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