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What to wear to a family photo shoot I often have clients that ask, “What do we wear to a family photo shoot?” This is a great question as it also gives me insight into your family dynamic and personalities! Dressing your family to fit your personalities I like to encourage clients to dress their […]

The Who I Am Project “Did I not exist as a tween?” I think to myself as I flip through photo after photo. Most of the few photos that exist of me as a preteen are traditional school photo’s. As you can see, my glasses are almost the size of my face and my hair […]

I was honored to photograph my best friend’s sister’s wedding! Getting to work with friends is something that I love to do. I love getting to be with someone I care about while they are getting married. Traveling to Ft. Meyers is always fun since we usually stop at Disney World! This trip was no […]

From Netflix and Ozark to Alpharetta Last year I took a sabbatical from photography and worked on the Netflix show Ozark as a nanny. I took care of the sweetest baby girl and met wonderful people. I learned a lot about the business of show business from my dear employer, who worked as the shows […]

City of Refuge (COR) is a non-profit organization focusing on social transformation and the rejuvenation of the city of Atlanta, Georgia. City of Refuge has been working for 20 years with individuals and families in crisis. COR works to help individuals find a way out of poverty and into a life of thriving through education, counseling, […]

Wedding Planning Tips & Tricks Planning with a purpose   It was so difficult to get ideas while planning my wedding in 2009-2010 {prior to the birth of Pinterest} I would look through Bridal magazines, read my wedding planner & scour google. I would search for ideas, unique DIY tips & tricks, but I was […]

I first met with Grace & Travis at a Starbucks one evening, with my husband in tow. The four of us sat and shared our lives together in beautiful conversation. We all just “clicked” and ended up going out on several double dates. These two share a beautiful bond and their relationship shows it. They […]

Recently I met with my friend Sarah Crook of Alisabeth Designs, her husband Brandon and Adam Bradley of Aflātis Films to work on a new project Sarah & Brandon are working to launch- Beacon Church. Beacon will be located in the metro Atlanta area and is going to launch in 2018! The four of us spent […]

My cousin Isaac is about to graduate high school and is looking forward to a gap year to work and hone his artistic skills before moving forward in his education. He only realized a few years ago that he had a talent for drawing and quickly began to practice, focusing much of his time on […]

I had the privilege of recently photographing my parents, Derryck & Patrice McLuhan, realtors here in North Georgia. Patrice has been a realtor for nearly 15 years and Derryck just recently joined her! My mom, Patrice was our realtor just last year when we purchased our first home. I can speak firsthand for her thoroughness, […]