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North Fulton Birth Birth Photography begins at any time of day, or night, as babies do not arrive on a schedule! This little one decided to arrive in the middle of the night, but North Fulton hospital is just a short drive away from my house! This mama waited a very long time for this […]

My darling grandparents just celebrated their 59th wedding anniversary! Can you even imagine, FIFTY-NINE years!? This photo was taken of them in August 1960, the night before their wedding. It has been in their house for years and it is one of my favorites. I told my grandparents that I would love to reproduce this […]

The Story of Us Chapter 5 Road Trip #1 Jill and Desmond continued to spend time together, even though she said they needed to wait to make things official. They continued to text, hang out and get to know each other better and one evening Desmond said, “My family reunion is this weekend in North […]

Think to Text As Desmond drove away Jill walked inside, tired, but with a smile on her face. Desmond pulled out of the driveway thinking “This workout is going to stink. (After a night of no sleep) I really wish I could stay here all day instead…” While Desmond spent the rest of the day […]

if you want to catch up, read Chapter 1 here & Chapter 2 here. Textathon Sussy immediately responded to Jill’s text saying, “But why are y’all hanging out? You JUST broke up with your boyfriend!” Jill replied “We were both wanting to see Jessie. Just hanging out. It’s not a big deal.” This very in-depth […]

90’s Saved by The Bell Photoshoot in Alpharetta The Throwback Raise your hand if you grew up watching Saved by the Bell! I’m virtually raising my hand! The iconic group was one of my favorite’s to follow. Lots of afternoons spent watching all the happenings of Bayside High. This photoshoot brought back all the memories! My […]

The Story of Us Sweet Summertime The Summer 0f 2008 was shaping up to be a great one. Desmond was in Missouri and Jill visited Canada for a week for a family reunion and there celebrated her 23rd birthday. More Breakups By August Desmond had celebrated his 20th birthday, because he was three years younger. […]

The Camp of Colors I had the privilege of volunteering my services at the Camp of Colors Fundraiser in beautiful North Georgia this past week. I have been attending weekend events here since I was 17, through the Christian ministry Vida Nueva, which means “New Life” in Spanish. My family started attending Tres Dias weekends, […]

The Story of Us You gotta talk The night was October 15, 2007 The gathering at Smokey Bones BBQ in Chattanooga, Tennessee, was to celebrate a mutual friend’s birthday. Desmond was dating a friend of Jill’s at the time (yes, yes…) and this was the first time they would meet. During dinner Desmond was SO […]

Who I Am Project: Slime Master Kallie Slime and Squishies in Alpharetta with Kallie. Who I am Project takes off with a leap! Kallie was my first Who I Am Project client and she was SO MUCH FUN! A big part of the Who I Am Project is gaining information about the client before the […]