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The Story of Us Chapter 5

The Story of Us Chapter 5

Road Trip #1

Jill and Desmond continued to spend time together, even though she said they needed to wait to make things official. They continued to text, hang out and get to know each other better and one evening Desmond said, “My family reunion is this weekend in North Carolina, would you come with me?” This seemed like A LOT to Jill, who barely even knew his family’s names. She tried to pull him away from the idea, stating the obvious “Your family doesn’t know me, we haven’t even spoken…” Des was persistent insisting that they would like her and that they wouldn’t mind if she came. Jill continued to try to put him off stating “This is your family reunion though, I don’t know anybody there at all” to which Desmond replied, “Neither do I!” All of Jill’s work to dissuade him failed and that Friday, after she insisted he call his parents to clear it with them, they hopped in his Black Mitsubishi Gallant and headed to North Carolina.

Upon arrival, Desmond’s family greeted Jill warmly and she was invited to stay with his sisters in their hotel room. Des, Jill & Desmond’s sisters Kandice & Camille set about talking to Jill, getting to know her and inviting her into conversation. The next day at the Family Reunion Jill being the quintessential extrovert jumped at the chance to get to know people and soon started chatting away- a fact that is still laughed about to this day. Jill brought along her trusty camera and soon began taking pictures of Desmond’s family- another fact that is still a running joke among Desmond’s family. 

As Desmond watched Jill interacting with his family he was moved by how she genuinely enjoyed getting to know them. As they sat talking Saturday night, he again asked her to be his girlfriend. This time Jill said yes. BUT, she insisted that they not tell people and to NOT make it ‘facebook official’ right now.

“You are a mirror to my soul”

After arriving back in Tennessee, that week the two went on their first official date to P.F. Changs in Chattanooga.

On September 15th, 2008 Desmond handed Jill a letter. In it, he explained that Jill was like a mirror to his soul. He continued on, telling her how special she was and how much he cared for her and assured her he would treat her like the queen she was. He asked her to become his official girlfriend and Jill, moved to tears said YES! The two made it ‘facebook official’ and commemorated the event with photos, of course.

Road Trip #2

The weekend following their official status as a dating couple Jill took Des home to Georgia to meet her family. While there they went on a double date with her parents, to the North GA state fair, church and lunch with the family and had a great time, with lots of pictures to document it all!

Following their weekend trip, Derryck, Jill’s step-dad called Jill to make sure they made it home safely. He continued on telling her it was great meeting Desmond and said “That boy’s in love with you” Jill denied it saying, no, he’s not, and Derryck laughed and said, “Oh, yes he is.”

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  1. The Dad says:

    And he’s still in love with you!

  2. Hannah says:

    Y’all are toooo cute! I love reading your story through this perspective. Hope you have more to come!


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