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The Story of Us Chapter 4

Think to Text

As Desmond drove away Jill walked inside, tired, but with a smile on her face.

Desmond pulled out of the driveway thinking “This workout is going to stink. (After a night of no sleep) I really wish I could stay here all day instead...”

While Desmond spent the rest of the day sweating through conditioning and Basketball practice. Jill spent her time cleaning her house and contemplating the past night and morning. As Jill worked through the thoughts that flooded her mind, she quickly realized how much she was already missing this boy… She felt that there was no reason to waste time, as she felt she had done in her previous relationships. So, she pulled out her trusty Nokia and started to compose a message to Des. THE message that would change her life forever…

“I really like you & I don’t want to play games. I hope we can hang out again soon.”

Des read Jill’s text and immediately thought “Deal.” He responded back simply saying, “I feel the same way.


Later that evening Desmond texted asking if he could come over and he showed up a short while later. Jill’s heart beat faster as she crossed the room to let Desmond in through the sliding glass doors.

Des leaned down and gave her a long hug.

This felt like home. 

The two separated and Jill invited him to sit with her in the living room. Their comfortable conversation continued to flow as it had the night before and earlier in the day.

Desmond shared about his brutal conditioning in the August heat, relaying stories and laughing about what he had experienced that day. He explained that the weeks prior to classes starting were full of conditioning and sometimes up to 2 additional practices every day.

Jill listened eagerly, soaking up this information about a world she knew nothing of. The two laughed and talked late into the night. Des eventually started to drift off and knowing that conditioning started early in the morning, Jill tucked him in on the couch and headed to her room to sleep.


The next day Jill & Desmond both attended classes and met up that evening again.

Once again, the conversation flowed for hours. Laughter and inside jokes grew as the two learned one another’s favorite things, places, foods, colors and more.

As Desmond sat next to her on the couch, talking with ease, Jill felt something swell in her heart. This boy was something different.

She looked over at him and with a smirk asked: “So when are you going to kiss me?”

Desmond, the shy quiet soul that he was didn’t quite know what to think or do or say to this histrionic, bold girl.

He adjusted quickly and joked saying “You’ll know when I do.”

The two laughed and continued to talk and eventually their hands found one another. They sat in a comfortable quiet for some time before Desmond looked over at Jill. The feeling in the room shifted as he leaned towards her and their lips met.

The kiss was sweet and as the two drew away they both inhaled deeply. To this day they both have expressed that that kiss was filled with fireworks.


Over the next week, the two met up as often as possible to spend time talking, watching TV, riding around town together, their feelings were growing stronger every day. But…Jill felt hesitant because she had only broken up with her ex 3 weeks ago and she knew the optics weren’t great. Desmond asked her to be his girlfriend and Jill said she wanted that but they needed to wait stating: “But, I just broke up with my Ex, everyone will freak out.” Desmond wasn’t sure what to do with this situation and felt that she was overreacting to the thoughts of what people would think… But, he continued to be drawn to her and knew that she was worth waiting for.

Tune in next week for chapter 5!

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