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Desmond picks Jill up and hugs her on graduation from Lee University

The Story of Us Chapter 6

“I Love You…”

As the weeks passed, Jill & Desmond spent time with friends, went to classes, and Jill attended many basketball games, cheering Desmond on! One night the two attended a friend’s softball game and as they headed back to the car, Jill made Desmond laugh and he said “Ugh, I love you!”

Derryck had called it! Jill soon reciprocated the phrase and the love continued to blossom. In December of 2008, Jill graduated, from Lee with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Desmond was a huge support system during her final semester, and was so proud of her on graduation day!

Desmond & Jill embrace on graduation day from Lee University

The Wyoming Chronicles

Time went on and the weeks turned into months. The “I love You…” grew and blossomed between Jill & Desmond and they began to talk about marriage. July of 2009 brought a road trip from Tennessee to Wyoming to see Desmond’s family. Des also planned to ask for their blessing to ask for Jill’s hand in marriage. The two-day drive was long, but filled with fun, laughter, photos, videos, and lots of music! Jill, of course, captured the entire thing, entitling it, The Wyoming Chronicles! They drove through Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, and Wyoming over the course of 2 days. As they entered into St. Louis, they decided to stop at the St. Louis Arch, where Jill of course insisted they take more photos!

Frontier Days

Jill and Desmond spent the week in Cheyenne, Wyoming at Frontier Days, a huge celebration including a rodeo, concerts, food, and lots of fun. They spent the week hanging out with Desmond’s sister and parents, where Jill got to know them better. The night before heading back to Tennessee, Des & Jill sat down with Desmond’s parents, where he told them of their intentions to marry. Desmond’s parents were kind and encouraging, telling the pair that they had their blessing and that they would be praying for them in this decision.

The next day the couple hit the road to take on the 2-day drive back to Tennessee, with a spark in their hearts and joy for the future that was to come….

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